From The Committee


The following items discussed were included:-

  • Permission has been granted by council to purchase and place a 10 x 8ft storage container at the rear of our shed. Discussed the proposed purchase and transport of the container
  • The replacement of trophies with purchase vouchers from the Venus Bay Fishing shop for the winners of our comps on a trial basis for the first 6 months of 2016. The Secretary is to send out a mail to members explaining the new system.
  • The withdrawal of our grant application for a Junior Fishing Clinic over Easter as the grant was not available for the prizes and give a ways we had planned for the kids. A decision is yet to be made if we hold a scaled down version with fewer prizes etc.
  • The confirmation that we will hold our Easter Egg Hunt at the community centre again this year.
  • The need for the club and members to support our local shops now that they are under pressure from the new facilities in Tarwin Lower.