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28th, 29th, 30th March, 2014

Yet another great weather weekend, with Saturday and Sunday producing some ideal boating/fishing weather!!
It seemed to be an elephant fish weekend, with almost all boats out on the inlet sighting the ugly but cute critters.

There were 25 entrants, made up of:
22 senior members, 1 junior member, and 2 non-members

Our two non-members were guests of the Swindens' - Ann Marie's dad, Jim over for 3 months from Scotland, and Fabian from Germany on a back-packing holiday around Australia.  We hope they enjoyed the fishing and socialising at the shed.

With Phil Nebel absent, final weigh-in turned into a battle of the De Hamers on Sunday afternoon.
Amazingly, for once all prize winners were actually there for presentation!

Results as follows:

1st - Paul De Hamer    Silver Trevally    1.040kg    832 points

2nd - Michael De Hamer    Flathead    1.520kg    760 points

3rd - Roslyn Shelly    Silver Trevally    900g    720 points

1st - Thomas Grech    Mullet    160g    160 points

1st - Fabian    Silver Trevally    840g    672 points

Heaviest Elephant Fish
e Godfrey

We didn't get photos of all the winning fish on the weekend, but here are some of the fish and trophy presentations:

Paul De Hamer - 1st Prize

Michael and his second prize Flatty

Roslyn Shelly - 3rd Prize

Thomas winning the Junior prize (again!)

Michelle winning Elephant Fish category

Fabian receiving his non-member trophy

Although it didn't win, Fabian's Elephant Fish was pretty impressive

Next Comp is at Easter, with all the normal prize categories and an added twist...............
As we did last Easter, there will also be a battle of the sexes. Chicks ruled last year, so come on boys pressure's on!!!


8th, 9th, 10th March, 2014

The Labour Day long weekend brought with it some glorious weather.  This resulted in some really good fishing days.

There was a great variety of fish caught including Silver Trevally, Pinkies, Flatties, Snook, Perch, Elephant Fish & Salmon.

We had 24 seniors and 1 junior enter the comp.

Results as follows:

1st - Phil Nebel    Silver Trevally    1200g    960pts

2nd - Arthur Duckworth    Pinky    1500g    750pts

3rd - Joe Gristi    Flathead    1340    670 Pts

No Junior winner for fish

Senior Heaviest Elephant Fish/Shark - Andrew Godfrey    Elephant    2.4kg

Junior Heaviest Elephant Fish/Shark - Thomas Grech    Elephant    1.7kg

Phil was a bit camera shy - but his winning trevally is in this photo

A very proud Arthur with his 2nd prize Pinky

Joe receiving his 3rd prize trophy (no photo of his fish)

Andrew with his Elephant

Well done (again) Thomas!!!!

                                                          Not a bad haul for a morning's fishing!!                                      A couple of nice Pinkies

Tony with a Trevally and Pinky. Nice going Tony!

Saturday night was a BYO BBQ with approx. 30 in attendance.  
An excellent time was had by all with Kev's "Port 'n' Poetry" recital.  Well done Kev, everyone had a ball.
Below are some photos of the goings-on of the weekend..............

This is the special camp bbq won by Danny at the AGM raffle. Made and donated by Kevin.

Port 'n' Poetry

The Brains Trust?????

If anyone has any more photos of the weekend (or in fact at any time) send them to my email:


February 2014 

This was a two and a half day competition running from midday on Friday 14th Feb, through to 3pm on Sunday 16th Feb.

We had 20 senior members entered, and one senior non-member.  There were no juniors entered this comp.

Friday and Saturday were great weather-wise, with light winds and warm conditions.  Sunday was a bit breezier, but there were still a number of members who hit the water anyway with great results.

The winners were:

1st: Ann Marie Swindon - Silver Trevally, 1200g for 960 points

2nd: Luci Aulsebrook - Pinky Snapper, 1280g for 640 points

3rd: John Blezzard - Silver Trevally, 760g for 608 points

Heaviest Gummy Shark: Michael De Hamer - 4900g

There were a lot of quality fish weighed in over the weekend.  Phil Nebel and Tom Aulesbrook both had some lovely Perch, Paul De Hamer had a couple of nice Flatties, Joe Gristi had a nice Trevally and Andrew Godfrey had 4 lovely Pinkies.  Luci's Pinky was in the lead until literally the last few minutes of the comp, when Ann Marie headed for the shed struggling to carry her esky with her winning Trevally inside!!  Looks like chicks rule this weekend............

Ann Marie's winning Trevally

Luci's Pinky

John B's Trevally


Michael's Gummy Shark

As usual we had the byo barbie on Saturday night, with a small contingent of about 20 attending.  A great night was had by all with two meat trays raffled and won by Joe Gristi and Olga Hutt.  We also auctioned the "old" TV from the shed, with John Blezzard taking the honors.


January 2014

Our club held its annual "Australia Day Long Weekend" Comp on January 25, 26 & 27

23 seniors and 2 juniors entered the comp on the weekend. 


1st Phil Nebel - Estuary Perch

2nd Terry Shelly - Whiting

3rd Tied: Michelle Godfrey - Pinky, Andrew Godfrey - Flathead

Heaviest Gummy Shark - Arthur Duckworth (1.56kg)


1st Thomas Grech - Whiting

2nd & Third - No other juniors weighed in, so no prizes given

Our next competition weekend is scheduled for February 14, 15 and 16. This will be a 2 1/2 day comp
which will commence at 12.00 noon on the first day of competition and final weigh in as always will
be at 3pm sharp at "Gerald Shed" on the final day.

Yes, this is a very basic report, as it's my first time doing it.  
Further reports will have more details as I get more information.

Phil Nebel - First place Perch 

Terry Shelly with his second placed Whiting

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